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10 October 2011 @ 09:34 pm
I know you have all heard this before but I am offically back on LJ, I dont know how much I will be posting in my journal for now, since I am more or less using this account to be active in a particular community. So don't expect much from me.... for now at least.

Lots of Love,

I don't know how many if any of you remember who I am, or how you knew me, I am not sure If I can even remember most of you, but I Miranda am back. Over the past year I have struggled to find the words to sum my own actions, the people I have hurt, the hits and misses of my university career... and well a friend has shown me recently that we don't have time to wait to be inspired. That ones life in a mere instant can be thrown of the tracks.

So here I am. Your prodigal blogger.

So with this lack of inspiration, I intend to spend the long Alberta summer on myself... Facebook is out of the picture for now, simply due to the fact that I feel that I spend way to much time concerned about other peoples lives, and not enough time examining my own. I feel like I am coasting through life, not living it... and I know all to well this needs to stop.

Now I am sure you are all scratching your heads complexed why on earth a 18 year old is feeling so rushed for time, well on June 28th a close friend of mine goes under the knife, to remove a brain tumor. The surgery is beyond routine and with a brave face she is leaving her small Canadian hometown to venture to LA to have the surgery that will change her life.

Never once have I heard her ask why me, or let her condition limit her. She's the uttermost fighter and watching her go through everything she's been through and still be able to smile by the end of the day has made my test anxiety, insecurities and irrational phobia's seem rather inept.

So I promise not only myself, but my dear friend to live this summer completely for myself and to the fullest. For once I am not planning to fantasize or pursue that perfect summer romance, or strive to find that bikini that will look amazing along the city poolside. Nor will I spend hours chatting on facebook about the latest gossip. Its all about me, discovering who I am, what my dreams are, and everything I am capable of. To realizing how the insecurity of being 18 and not have been in a real relationship is futile and how the only person I need to outdo is myself.

I am tired of being my own worst enemy, and I am tired of agreeing to everything to avoid conflict. And hopefully along the way I will find the inspiration to ignite the flame that I burnt out ages ago.


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I Miranda have resumed my rightfull thrown as nerd_in_trainin 
 after what one may call a long personal journey.
For the record I have cleared my friends list entirely and will be added again selectivley

Yours Truly,
Mir <3


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31 May 2010 @ 11:03 am


Adding/Not Adding

So as of today this journal is completly friends only. As you may have noticed all my old icons as well as fanfiction are now locked as well. I am taking a hiatus from graphic art until exam season closes, and then you will beable to view all my artwork at a community TBD at a later date. Right now some of my work can be found at namelessxstreet .

As for friends right now I am currently adding selectively. To be added please comment, as well as mention where we met.

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